"We are fitting all of our best enhancements and upgrades to this fabulous model and the result will be one of the finest examples in the world today."

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Using a DB6 MK1 as a blank canvas, Aston Workshop has created what is surely the ultimate DB6.
We fit all of our best enhancements and upgrades to this fabulous model and the result is one of the finest examples in the world today.
Such is the level of improvement, we have had to give these Aston Workshop cars a name to distinguish them from the standard models. We believe our cars surpass not only the MK1 (standard or Vantage) but also the sought after MK2.

The following is a brief description of the restoration process, a more detailed explanation is available on our Aston Bespoke Website - click HERE

1. Strip and Assessment
A complete strip, during the course of which all of the trim, all mechanical and electrical components, glass and external bumpers (fenders) and items of external trim are removed. The front and rear body shells, and sill will then be removed for access and stripped of all old paint and the chassis bead blasted to identify all of the corroded sections. All trim will be carefully stored. Mechanical items are cleaned and set aside for overhaul.

2. Reconstruction
Reconstruction then commences, initially with jigging and to provide support to the platform chassis to ensure full and accurate alignment at all times. Once in a secured stage, all sill sections, front and rear suspension mountings, outrigger sections, floors front and rear, front bulkhead, boot supports, A and B posts, bonnet closure panels, rear wheel arches and spare wheel well will be repaired or replaced as required.
As new sections are installed and welded up, great care is taken to ensure all enclosed sections are primed and painted and on completion the chassis will then be blasted again and then primed and given a hard, flexible and very durable powder paint covering. Exposed sections are then additionally treated with a protective coating.
With the chassis in a fully restored state, the external body shell will be repaired, with new panels let in as required, and door-frames and skins repaired and replaced as needed. The body shell, front and rear are then carefully refitted to the chassis, fully aligned with all bonnet, door and boot apertures carefully gapped and pre-fitted to achieve accurate assembly.
The body shell is then prepared & painted in our state-of the-art paint-shop. The restored body shell will be acid-washed to remove all oxidisation, oven dried and etch primed with epoxy high-build primer. The body will then be painted with a modern, water-based paint system, primed and painted to the highest standard.
The engine will be totally re-manufactured. Engine overhaul will commence ensuring that the cylinder block will be recovered to as new, with new 4.2 litre cylinder liners, forged Cosworth pistons and reassembled to original tolerances. The oil pump will be renewed as a matter of course. All rotating assemblies are then fully balanced statically and dynamically. The cylinder head will be fitted with new valves, guides and seats to full unleaded specification and then reassembled with new timing chains and tensioner studs etc.
External components, such as the throttle linkages, will be sent away to be nickel plated and refitted. The completed engine will then be dyno tested and carefully run in.
Gearbox and final drive will also be fully overhauled, prior to refitting, as will the steering rack.
At this stage it is possible to personalise your Aston in the same manner as HRH the Prince of Wales and you can download a brochure outlining our most popular enhancements by clicking here: <a href="http://www.astonenhancements.com/">ENHANCEMENTS</a>

3. Assembly
Assembly of the car begins with the fitting of all new brake pipes, wiring looms and fuel lines. With the font and rear suspension components having been enameled, the front and rear suspension will then be refitted with up-rated fast road Monte Carlo springs, dampers and front anti roll bar with all new bushes and pivots.
Refitting of the overhauled steering system follows. Engine and transmission are then installed, and the under-bonnet systems and components, all new, are then fitted, all of which will have been superbly detailed to the highest standards. An up-rated radiator is also included in the final specification.
The dashboard is then refitted with fully overhauled instruments and new switches as required. New trim and carpets come next, and all new glass is fitted as a matter of course. Chromed components, such as front and rear bumpers, and window frames are re-chromed to the highest possible standard.
The actual restoration is of course a much more involved process but we hope this gives an idea of the depth and thoroughness of an Aston Workshop project.

In summary
This is a great opportunity to purchase what will surely be one the finest examples of an Aston Martin DB6. We anticipate a great deal of interest in this project and it is advised that any interested parties contact us as soon as possible on +44 (0)1207 233 525

About Aston Workshop:
Aston Workshop is an independent Aston Martin specialist located on Red Row Estate, an idyllic 37 acre venue set in the North East countryside. Red Row is located in County Durham, only 2 miles away from Beamish Museum, one of the North’s major tourist attractions. We offer a wide variety of contemporary Aston Martins for sale in our showroom including special editions, low mileage examples and high performance models. Typically we have around 80 cars on site at any given time.  Additionally we have an unrivalled selection of valuable heritage models which are rare and often rebuilt to bespoke specifications with discrete modern enhancements. Typically stocking fully restored examples, older restorations, drivers, 100% electric zero emission EV conversions and even barn finds, our showroom is an unrivalled experience for the Aston Martin Enthusiast. We also build cars such as our DB4 GT Zagato recreations and our V8 Evolution 6.0.
Our sales showroom is supported by over 40 vastly experienced workshop staff working with a wide range of comprehensive in-house facilities including all aspects of Aston Martin diagnosis, repair, servicing and restoration to concours standards. Each member of our team works hard to ensure that we stay at the forefront of Aston engineering technology, Aston parts supply and full restorations including fixed price services where applicable.
Our experienced team are also pleased to help and advise if you are a collector or seeking to purchase a car specifically for investment purposes.

The benefits of buying and selling with us include:

  • Nationwide collection and delivery service on our own covered transporters
  • Cars which are prepared by technicians working exclusively on Aston Martins
  • Our own Aston Workshop Warranty
  • A comprehensive customer service which truly works for the duration of ownership
  • The confidence of dealing with a leading independent specialist established over 30 years

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