As the Aston Martin restoration experts, Aston Workshop offer an unparalleled restoration service for owners around the world. With 35 years’ experience as an independent Aston Martin specialist, and over 400 years of collective experience in our dedicated and skilled restoration team, our award-winning rebuild and restoration projects bring the rarest and most sought-after classic Aston Martins back to life. Our professional and comprehensive restoration program combines state-of-the-art engineering techniques with irreplaceable traditional methods of classic car maintenance and care.

About us

Part of the historic Red Row Estate in Beamish, County Durham, Aston Workshop has grown from humble beginnings over three decades ago to become internationally renowned as one of the leading independent Aston Martin specialists worldwide. Our 45,000 sq ft complex incorporates facilities for engineering, engine building, trimming, body repair and paint as well as a 12-bay heritage workshop and 45-car showroom. The team at Aston Workshop take great pride in the work we do to care for the British automotive gems entrusted to us.

From Sympathetic Care to Body-Off Restoration

Our restoration options are wide ranging allowing the experts here at Aston Workshop to provide the specific service that’s right for your car. Sympathetic restorations aim to subtly bring the condition of the car back to its former glory without sacrificing originality or carrying out major reconstruction work; for example, owners often find it desirable to keep the original interior patina rather than going for an as-new look. At the other end of the scale a body-off full restoration takes a ‘nut and bolt’ approach, building in a level of craftsmanship and quality surpassing even original Aston Martin levels. Whatever option is chosen our dedicated team focus on producing the finest classic Aston Martin for its owner.

Everything under one roof

What sets Aston Workshop apart from other restorers is our all-encompassing approach enabled by the extensive facilities at our disposal. By ensuring as much work as possible is done here at our County Durham complex, we can carefully monitor and control the complete restoration process allowing us to take full accountability for the quality of work from start to finish.

Cars are initially stripped and assessed in our heritage workshop before each constituent part moves to the appropriate area of our facility. Our engineering team take ownership of powertrain development which can range from relatively simple engine tuning to full rebuilds using our bespoke in-house blocks bored out to produce superior power and torque.

Interior parts are looked after by our trim shop while the remaining body and chassis move to our body repair and paint centre to return them to better-than-new state.

Made Bespoke Around You

The special cars we work on deserve more than just a ‘standard’ classic car restoration. Every aspect of an Aston Workshop restoration can be bespoke to each owners individual specification, which can range from simple exterior and interior colour choices to LHD conversions, upgraded engines and transmission swaps, ensuring the car we build is truly the dream Aston Martin for its owner.

Your Journey is Our Pride

For the Aston Workshop employees who have dedicated their career to caring for these legendary cars, this is more than just a job. Our personal commitment to preparing the very best Aston Martin restoration extends to our open lines of communication with owners extending to regular workshop visits and even overnight stays at our 300-year-old gastropub and hotel, the Black Horse Beamish.

A World Class Finish

Our Paint and Body Centre, approved by Aston Martin, delivers the truly exceptional exterior finish a classic Aston Martin deserves. Our skilled team of panel beaters, fabricators and painters carry out the painstaking work required to produce the very best surface treatment, with countless man-hours spent in both preparation and polishing to get a mirror-like final finish. As with all aspects of the restoration process, our approach places a focus on bespoke individuality; whether choosing a heritage Aston Martin colour or something more contemporary, our in-house paint shop is capable of outputting truly world-class paintwork befitting the famous beauty that’s part of the Aston Martin legend.

Discreetly Innovative

Our approach to Aston Martin restoration places a supreme focus on producing a car that far surpasses the original product that left the Aston factory. Our uniquely experienced staff utilise both traditional methods and cutting-edge engineering techniques to ensure our restorations are authentic to the originality of the car while offering modern upgrades to the classic Aston Martin experience. Subtle enhancements such as modern gearbox upgrades and more powerful braking systems provide much-improved driver enjoyment while externally remaining faithful to the timeless Aston Martin beauty and design. Our in-house produced engine blocks deliver power and reliability far beyond what was achievable in period.