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Aston Workshop have pleasure in presenting for sale, this lovely 1969 Aston Martin DBS Vantage. Aston Martin had always intended that the DBS, launched at the 1967 London Show and the first all-new model for many years, would be powered by its new V8 engine. In the interim, however, due to delays developing the V8, the straight six of the concurrently produced DB6 Mk 2 was installed. Designed by William Towns, this elegant aluminium-bodied coupé employed a widened version of the DB6 floorpan using an independent coil sprung de Dion tube rear axle, complete with limited slip differential and. in board disc brakes and at the front the coil spring/wishbone set-up and discs were as those of the DB6. As with the latter, the twin-cam engine was available in standard or (as here) in Vantage form. The Vantage was a no-cost option producing 325bhp at 5,750rpm and fitted with triple Webers. This car also features the standard five-speed ZF gearbox and Brico fuel injection. The DBS was still no slouch: ‘Motor’ in its road test of a DBS Vantage recorded 141mph with 0-60 and 0-l00mph reached in 7.1 and 18.0 seconds respectively. The magazine also highly praised the DBS' roadholding, perfect 50/50 weight distribution allowing sure footed and very safe handling; indeed, the road test was headlined 'S for Superb'. There is always interest expressed in these early DBS', partially due to the fewer numbers made but also because of the more flexible torquey engines installed. This fantastic Aston Martin DBS Vantage matches stunning 70’s styling with an equally eye-catching colour scheme that completely represents the period. An appreciating classic, this DBS Vantage is definitely worthy of consideration.

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