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1986 Aston Martin V8 Saloon Efi Auto RHD in Salisbury Blue metallic A very original, very good condition automatic Series 5 V8 Saloon first registered in 1986. This classic Aston Martin looks magnificent in Salisbury Blue metallic with matching interior of Stone Grey Hide with Black piping and contracting blue carpets. The present odometer reading is 79,913 miles, which would appear to be genuine and of course very low for the year. One of only 61 Series 5 V8s ever made, these are very rare cars and it is unusual to find such an example with comparable originality and quality. Our Series 5 V8 Aston Martin has a good history file and evidence of careful maintenance with two of the UK leading Aston Martin specialists. It is structurally very sound, cosmetically excellent and with a lovely lightly patinated original interior. The overall mechanical condition would seem to reflect the general standard of the car and is ready, subject to a thorough service, for immediate use. It is an excellent example of a late V8 that has not been messed around with in any way, a car to use and enjoy! Video of this car... ------------------------------------------- Model history The origins of the V8 start with the DBS, which was launched in 1967. While the first DBS cars were fitted with the same 6-cylinder engine as that fitted to the DB6 and it was very much an interim solution pending the completion of its V8 engine development. The DBS V8 was the true successor the DB6 and was announced in 1970. The Bosch fuel injected V8 gave the DBS V8 a massive boost in performance, but the system proved difficult to maintain and rarely stayed in tune for long and with the series 2 cars, came Weber carburettors. The V8 stayed in more or less constant manufacture until finally replaced with the launch of the Virage V8 in October 1988, with production temporarily halted on the way as the ownership of Aston Martin migrated from David Brown Ltd, through “Company Developments Ltd, and thence to a buy-out by a consortium of wealthy Aston Martin enthusiasts. By early 1978, the company was under new and more forward looking management and car development progressed, first with the launch of the V8 Vantage, thence the V8 Volante and Lagonda. The general quality of the cars made was given a major boost, equipment levels massively improved, as also the quality of interior fittings. Product development continued all be it at a slow rate, with continuing product development, the introduction of the series 4 cars (often referred to as Oscar India) and further improvements in the performance of the V8 Vantage. The final version of the V8 came with the launch of the Series 5 V8 Saloons in 1984, this time with Weber electronic fuel injection. With exhaust emissions standards becoming ever more stringent, the development potential of carburettor induction had reached its limit of development and this necessitated the use of an electronically controlled closed loop fuel injection system. The Series 5 car can be instantly recognised by the absence of the bonnet power bulge. The rear boot spoiler was continued as with the earlier Series 4 V8s. Quality in general was a pre-eminent objective and as the last of the Aston Martin V8 production, the Series 5 cars are generally regarded as the best, most refined and reliable of all. While the use of Weber fuel injection does not provide a significant improvement in performance and power, it conferred a radical improvement in general refinement and tractability, as well as some improvement in fuel economy.

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