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Meet the team - Bob Garside - Master Technician

06 August 2012

Meet the team: Bob Garside

What is your job role at Aston Workshop?

My job is working as part of a team in the restoration department. This entails building a car starting with a prepared and painted body shell, assembling brakes, suspension, axle and engine and gearbox assemblies etc.

Have you always done this?

No, but I have been in the motor trade for over 40 years (30 of which I was a partner in a garage repair business in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne.) This has given me invaluable experience in many facets of the trade, which helps when building these motorcars.

Do you have an 'expert' tip for our customers?

Yes. Always buy the best you can afford. If you are going for a full restoration then consider going for the best and highest specification that you can. It is cheaper in the long run to do the work whilst the car is in fully stripped condition and will surely repay you in the future as these cars are generally an excellent investment. Quality always lasts whereas price is soon forgotten.

Whats the best part of your job?

Hearing a completed car start and come to life for the first time. Although a lot of preparation goes into each stage of building and nothing is left to chance, it is always a thrill to hear it run as a complete car. The final road test of course is also enjoyable!

What is your favourite Aston and why?

Growing up and learning to drive in the 1960s one is naturally drawn to cars from that era which leads of course to the DB5. This is arguably the iconic car of that period (the Mini was 1959) and was derived and improved upon the earlier series DB4s.

What's the best road you've driven on in our region?

A difficult one to pin down but I particularly enjoy many of the winding back roads throughout Northumberland as they are so varied, giving superb scenery and driving conditions.

Who is your dream passenger?

This could cause trouble! She would have to have a good sense of humour, laid back and handy with tools if we break down. Probably best not to go any further on this one!

Favourite driving soundtrack?

This depends on the style of driving at the time. On Days Like These by Matt Munro, the theme tune to The Italian Job film is perfect for cruising on a hot and sunny day. For more spirited driving try The Mystery by a young and up-and-coming group from Epsom called The Tones. They are on YouTube and its a great record to drive to.

What's in your glovebox?

A mobile phone, a sat nav and a camera amongst other bits and pieces. All handy to have in case of emergencies.