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Aston Martin are offically cool

27 September 2012

Aston Martin are officially cool after coming a very respectable third beating 9997 others in the 2012 CoolBrands list.

The CoolBrands list is now in its 11th year and its definition of cool is a mix of innovation, originality, style, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness.

Brands are voted for by 3000 British consumers and a panel of 39 key influencers including Millie Kendall MBE, Luke Peters, Plan B and David Harewood MBE.

Apple was the outright winner for the first time and knocked Aston Martin from the top after holding the number one spot for six out of the last seven surveys.

The full top 20 runs as follows:

1. Apple

2. YouTube

3. Aston Martin

4. Twitter

5. Google

6. BBC iPlayer

7. Glastonbury

8. Virgin Atlantic

9. Bang & Olufsen

10. Liberty

11. Sony

12. Bose

13. Hagen-Dazs

14. Selfridges

15. Ben & Jerry's

16. Mercedes-Benz

17. Vogue

18. Skype

19. Nike

20. Nikon