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Meet the Team: Neil Calvert

10 December 2012

Meet the team Neil Calvert

What is your job role at Aston Workshop?

My main role is a service technician on the modern Astons, but I get involved with all Aston models.

Have you always done this?

Yes, my father worked at Aston Workshop for 10 years so I used to come to work with him in the school holidays and my spare time. After serving my apprenticeship with BMW, I had 5 years service with them before starting at Aston Workshop, where Ive now been for 5 years.

Do you have an 'expert' tip for our customers?

Always carry a phone and a fire extinguisher! Im currently working on a fire damaged DB6 and I cant help wonder if it could have been saved with a fire extinguisher.

Whats the best part of your job?

As a real car enthusiast its nice to be able work on such a prestige marque

What is your favourite Aston and why?

Id say an 80s X-pack V8 or a Vanquish S with manual conversion; I think the Vanquish is probably Astons best car ever.

What's the best road you've driven on in our region?

Theres a little B-road near where I live which goes from Stamfordham to Heddon-on-the-Wall

Who is your dream passenger?

Cameron Diaz!

Favourite driving soundtrack?

I like any kind of music, but anything by Jamiroquai is good.

What's in your glovebox?

Nothing interesting, rubbish really, but now Ive got a 5 month old baby I suspect therell be a dirty bib or rattle in there somewhere.