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Meet the Team: Peter Scott

14 March 2013

What is your job role at Aston Workshop?

Car Valet

Do you have an expert tip for our customers?

It doesnt happen often, but I dont like to see cars that seem unloved. It can be difficult to find the time I know, but every Aston deserves lots of TLC and the car will retain a higher value as a result, definitely worth it in the end.

What is your favourite Aston and why?

I like modern cars I love the new Vanquish S. It looks and sounds just as an Aston Martin should. However, the car that got me hooked onto the marque as a child was the DB5.

Whats the best part of your job?

Ive always loved cars, so being here is heaven. Polishing the cars of my childhood dreams is an absolute pleasure. There is no better sight than a gleaming Aston.

What's the best road you've driven on in our region?

There are a plethora of brilliant driving roads in Northumberland and the Borders.

Who is your dream passenger?

Anyone who doesnt bend my ear when they think Im driving too fast (sincerely hope my wife doesnt read this)

Favourite driving soundtrack?

The Seeker by The Who

What's in your glove box?

Certainly not gloves, expired air fresheners and broken cds.