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Now couldn’t be a better time to invest in a classic Aston Martin

18 March 2013

Have you thought about investing in a classic car? Maybe this is the time to do so, when so many other forms of investment have been shown to be highly risky and generate poor value and investment security.

According to a new report released from Knight Frank Classic cars have enjoyed the biggest uplift in value over last 10 years (395%), measured against other key collectable assets, such as fine wine and art, in Knight Franks Luxury Investment Index.

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A classic car is portable and can provide much pleasure in ownership and use, unlike many other forms of investment. The appreciating value of a carefully chosen classic and vintage cars has been demonstrated over the years. Their value has more than kept pace with inflation and a real value appreciation often in excess of 10 to 20% has consistently been achieved.

Few other types of investment have that combination of giving pleasure and pride of ownership, can be used and enjoyed by the family and can be taken where and when the owner wishes.

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