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Its Official - it’s the end of the V12!

03 May 2013

Its official - the production of the V12 Vantage has been stopped by Aston Martin. On Friday 19th April an official announcement was made to all the dealers that no more orders for the V12 Vantage (the Coupe) were being accepted.

Introduced in 2009 the V12 Vantage was originally planned to be limited to 1,000 units. During the four years of production nearly 1,200 units have been built (over 1,320 V12 Vantages in total, including the 101 V12 Vantage Roadsters and an unknown number of V12 Zagatos).

There are tales that a small run of V12 Vantage may still be produced later in the year known as the Centenary Editions watch this space!