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01 October 2013

What is your job role at Aston Workshop?


Have you always done this, if not what was your previous job role?

Customer service agent at Newcastle international airport

What are you known best for at work?

Being enthusiastic and friendly

Do you have an 'expert' tip for our customers?

Always wash your car from top to bottom to stop any grit or dirt getting into your sponge and scratching your paint work.

Whats the best part of your job?

Finishing a job and admiring the mirror finish paint work.

What is your favorite Aston and why?

DBR1 which won le mans in 1959 and got Aston Martin its recognized name.

What's the best road you've driven on in our region?

Military Road, Northumberland.

Who is your dream passenger?

Gerard Butler

Favorite driving soundtrack?

Varies from the radio to nursery rhymes with my little girl.

What's in your glove box/boot?

Dog bed, toys, lead, poop scoop and water bowl.