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10 October 2013

Classic Cars Challenge China

It's been a very busy summer for Aston Workshop with lots of great classic events and some very interesting projects, but this hasn't stopped the team preparing for the Classic Cars Challenge China Rally which takes place on the 9th - 21st October.

We are all familiar with the incredible statistics associated with China, a country with over 5000 years of history, home to quarter of the worlds population and boasting phenomenal landscapes, but it has only recently embraced the world of classic car ownership and the concept of rallying such beauties.

The Classic Cars Challenge China was formerly known as The China Rally of International Classic Car and in 2011 the China Rally was the first and largest event of classic cars ever held in the region. The following year, 40 cars from 16 countries and 7 car manufacturers participated and there were more than one million spectators!

This is a very important project for Aston Workshop as it forms part of our long-term business strategy for the region and China in particular. We already have a significant presence including a dedicated Chinese website, but events such as this are vital for customer awareness as well as being great fun of course.

We will be taking an immaculate and rare Aston Martin DB2/4 MKII which is one of the best examples available and a beautiful Maserati Merak SS.

The following is a detailed program of Classic Cars Challenge China

9th October 2013: Check in

10th -11th October 2013: Exhibition in Beijing.

12th October 2013: Official Opening Ceremony, Beijing - Tianjin (281 Km)

13th October 2013: Tianjin - Qingdao (586 Km)

14th October 2013: Dialogue and Exchange Opportunities, Exhibitions.

15th October 2013: Qingdao - Lianyungang (204 Km)

16th October 2013: Lianyungang - Nanjing (340 Km)

17th October 2013: Nanjing - Hangzhou (350 Km)

18th October 2013: Hangzhou - Shanghai (205 Km), Awards Ceremony

19th- 20th October 2013: Exhibition in Shanghai, Farewell Dinner.

21st October 2013: Conclusion. Participants and Vehicles leave Shanghai.