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A truly ‘classic’ investment proposition

03 June 2014

With interest rates hovering at around 0.5 per cent, theres very little point in

keeping cash in the bank at the moment. Its no surprise the truly savvy investors

are opting to sink their hard earned money into alternatives at the moment,

including classic cars.

The theory is that you can buy the car, drive it and enjoy it, then sell it years later

at a profit. Certain classic cars are now generating considerably more profit than

placing your money in the bank. A report from Coutts saw values of some classic

cars rise by an astonishing 257 per cent between 2005 and 2013.

But whats the secret of investing in a classic? Here at Aston Workshop we have a

unique & valuable insight into the market place for Aston Martin.

Here a few top tips to get you started finding your perfect investment.

The right brand When new, owning an Aston Martin demonstrated that the

owner was wealthy, had good taste and appreciated the finest craftsmanship. Each

car was unique when it was first made and no two cars were built the same. These

qualities remain and this is why the Aston Martin has a special and important place

among the best of automotive art and engineering.

Use an expert - Don't skimp. Unless you have great knowledge of the car, pay an

expert to do the "bumper-to-bumper" health check before you buy any investment

car. Even better, get them to do the hard work and find you one. We have a

worldwide client base and network of contacts inside and out of the motor trade

and this gives us an excellent chance of finding, restoring and creating the perfect

car for you, fashioned, recreated, lovingly restored to better than new.

Read our customer comments visiting the link below

Limited numbers Look out for the rare models, a car with a limited production

run will surely give you a greater reward in the future. Also keep an eye out for

limited edition versions of cars too. Aston Martin cars have always been made in

very limited numbers. These cars seldom come up for sale and over 80% of all

Aston Martin ever made survive.

Find an automotive legend James Bonds iconic 1965 Aston Martin DB5 complete

with a host of Qs villain-busting gadgets fetched a staggering 3 million at RM

Auctions. If a car has been owned by someone famous, or played a starring role in

TV or films then its likely to push the value up even higher. A car used in

motorsport will also be likely to get a high price at auction.

Buy at the right time Aston Workshop can suggest popular models to look for and

invest in but also suggest attractively priced alternatives that can be expected to

start growing in value strongly over the coming years.

A great example is the standard [non-S] version of the Aston Martin Vanquish.

Anyone who put their money into the car around 2008 or 2009 would have

purchased it at its lowest value. Its now starting to creep up in value, much to the

delight of owners.

Check the barn Forgotten about under cobwebs or left untouched languishing

under a thick layer of dust, is a rare, once in a life opportunity for someone with

optimism, imagination and conviction. These original Aston Martins have usually

been in the hands of their owner for many years, and free from molestation they

present a fabulous opportunity to revive a part motoring history. An Aston Martin

DB5 that had sat in a barn for nearly 30 years recently sold for 320,700 the

owner paid 1,500 for it in 1972.

For a more informed view of the Aston Martin market, Aston Workshop has put

together a guide that can be viewed here

investment_latest_layout_1?e=1449217/1341960. Please also visit http:// or to read more

about our restorations.