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Aston Workshop Meet the Team: Graham Leggett

10 June 2014

Name: Graham Leggett

1.What is your job role at Aston Workshop? Briefly describe what this involves doing.

Valet, my job involves detailing the cars after restoration, polishing and waxing the cars for the showroom and supplying sports mixtures.

2.Have you always done this?

My previous job was as a Motor Engineer for Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance. I inspected damaged vehicles and agreed repair methods, costing and accident re-construction.

3.What do you enjoy doing best at work?

I love detailing the cars to exceed the clients expectations, but my favorite part is showing visitors around the showroom and sharing some of our cars history with them, there are a lot of iconic classics in the showroom.

4.What are you best known for at work?

Being committed to my job and being a bit of a joker. Attention to detail!

5.What is your most memorable day at work, and why?

Ive had quite a few memorable days when weve had very special clients (who cant be named) visiting our showroom.

6.If you could drive anywhere in the world in any Aston Martin, where would you go and what model of Aston would you choose?

Italian/Swiss Border, the Stelvio Pass in the mountains, and it would have to be a new Vanquish, just the sound reverberating through the valley, fantastic!

7.If you could take a dream passenger with you on this journey who would it be?

Cameron Diaz

8.How clean is your car on scale from 1 to 10, 10 being pristine?

9/10 Pretty clean most of the time.

9.What would we find in your glove box/boot?

Cross Japanese Akita- German Shepherd called Mikka.

10.Have you got an expert tip for our customers?

Always use cold water to wash your car! Using hot water dissolves the road salts which allow the salt to trickle into the nooks and crannies, causing corrosion. Cold water disperses the salt in its solid form.