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Silverstone GP Circuit Track Day

20 March 2017

A very good customer of Aston Workshop Ron Powell asked us to build a 12 plug “GT” head for his DBR2 Evocation. This was to be a winter project. Work was completed early this year and a track day booked for March at the famous Silverstone GP circuit.

Ron and his good friend Craig … were to be the drivers … The morning session began with a damp track which ultimately led to some interesting action!

A dry afternoon brought faster lap times, though no one was timing! and boat loads of fun!

 The engine pulled like a 'steam train' and was really smooth right through the rev range.

The car was easy to drive, docile when needed and could get up and go when required.

100mph plus was described by Ron as 'nothing short of glorious!!!'



 Aston Martin DB6 Roadster

The name is made up from the original Model Type and its present day open 2 seater body style.

It was built in 1966 at Newport Pagnell using a donor 1966 Aston Martin DB6,

Chassis No. DB6/2757 Engine No. 400/4076/SVC: Aston Martin 6 Cylinder

 After some use in the UK it was shipped to the USA where it is believed, first owned by a Los Angeles based film director.

Late in the 1980’s it was one of five body-less DB6 car's shipped to New Zealand to be re-bodied by Tempero. In 1992 the new, all aluminum body was completed and the open 2 seater which was reminiscent of the DBR2, was returned to the USA, later that year.

In October 2011 the car was bought by its current owner, AMOC member, and shipped to the UK.  The following work was completed by Aston Workshop, Beamish in the North East of England:

Engine rebuild to 4.2 Capacity

Electric’s rebuilt

Aston Martin Brakes & Suspension Serviced.  

Body Upgraded by Clive Smart of Shape Craft Northampton

Repainted as 1958 Aston Martin Sage Racing Green.

Wheels are Original Borriani Stainless Steel Wires, shod with Brockley Tyres.












2014, after fettling was complete, the present owner used the car at track events,

Blyth Park, Croft, Donnington and Brands Hatch. It was displayed at 'open day' events at the Aston Workshop and made an appearance at the Goodwood Revival. It has also been 'special featured' in calendars, over the past years.

In November 2014, it was shipped to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

In January and February of 2015 the car was road registered on classic plates, for the odd road event.

It was also used for track events at the Yas Marina, half and full Grand Prix Circuit.

It’s worth mentioning that the 1966 DB6 technology for braking and cornering on a 21st century track, was very interesting !!

March 2015, the car was displayed at the Dubai Classic Car Festival and received the People’s Choice & Best Recreation Awards.  

April 2015 it was requested to be displayed at the annual garden party to celebrate HM The Queen's birthday, held at the British Consulate in Dubai.






















September 2015, the car was returned to the UK for some further upgrades. The engine was fitted with a twin spark plug head, developed by Aston Workshop Beamish Co Durham and fitted with Hi Compression Pistons. A multi branch SS manifold and side exhaust system, designed and fitted with consideration to sound and noise levels, for track use.

March 2017, after the above preparation complete, to an already exciting car, Gold Track

Prepared an event at Silverstone, on the full GP circuit, with mixed vehicles:

Morning sessions (4) with 2 drivers, a damp start led to some interesting on track activity ….!

Afternoon sessions with a dry circuit allowed more laps per session, and being quicker so provided interesting track activity, of a different kind.

The developed GT Engine, pulls like 'a runaway train' …. and yet so smooth from so low down on the revs.

40 laps were completed with no top-up of engine oil required plus no brake fade experienced (even though they were greatly used).

The suspension set up for road use, will be set a little harder for circuit use.

The car is easy to drive, docile when needed, and can get up and go when required.

100+ mph in this....  one knows exactly what 100 mph is ……  Glorious!!!!