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Aston Workshop V8 Conversion

12 November 2020

At Aston Workshop we continue to develop and enhance our range using the latest technology to offer improved power output, refined handling and bespoke finishing. 


A notable enhancement that has increased in popularity is our Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) conversion for classic V8 powered cars. The conversion requires bespoke components that are produced in-house. We continue to make significant investment in our engineering department meaning that amongst our stunning facilities we have a Vertical Machining Centre (VMC) which allows us to create accurate parts for the engine. 


The EFI operates the injectors that are capable of supplying a far more precisely controlled amount of fuel which improves efficiency and drivability.


The conversion can be carried out as part of a complete engine rebuild inclusive of further enhancements or as an installation in the car with your existing engine ‘in Situ’.


Advantages of converting your engine


Fitting a modern EFI has a number of distinct advantages that will benefit engine performance including improved fuel economy, refinement and long term reliability. The conversion will increase the Torque and BHP output of the engine while future proofing against the changes in fuel mixtures.


We’re dedicated to ensuring all the components run smoothly while keeping the characteristic appeal of the beautiful V8 engine.  

Other advantages also include a comprehensive installation that hides all the electronics and keeps the original look of the under bonnet appearance, this utilises the original air box and tubes while maintaining the correct air box height. To monitor the system the engine runs off two Lambda sensors which analyses the fuel change based on the actual requirements of the engine. 


Our experience and extensive industry knowledge will mean that once your engine is correctly set you will be able to drive away happy.


How can we convert your V8? 


Converting your V8 engine is a smooth process, we are only a phone-call away from improving your engine. We offer extremely competitive prices as well as a convenient nationwide collection and delivery service using our very own covered transporter.

If you’re interested please contact us and speak to our helpful Engineering Manager, Kevin Hutson. Please call: +44 (0) 1207 233 525 or email us.

We want to hear from you… At Aston Workshop we value customer feedback, please let us know what you thought of your experience. Please email or call us to discuss.