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DB6 - a classic restored to its former glory

20 November 2020

Beautifully restored in 2008, this 1967 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage MKI is currently for sale at Aston Workshop. 

Presented in its original stunning Pacific Blue exterior colour and Tan Leather interior, this UK registered DB6 has a beautiful 4.2 litre engine under the bonnet. With a manual gearbox and 280 BHP powering the rear wheels, this car is a true thoroughbred even by current standards.

The extensive restoration included a strip and condition assessment, a chassis reconstruction, body reconstruction, a comprehensive respray, engine strip and rebuild, chassis and body assembly a brand new interior trim and a LHD conversion. 

The attention to detail and exquisite work that has gone into making this car has created a stunning work of art. Restoring a DB6 takes precision and dedication, we always strive to restore your Aston Martin to a condition at least as good as when it was manufactured by Aston Martin at Newport Pagnell. 

Since being restored, the car has been carefully maintained and having only done 2210 miles it has been serviced in London, UK on a regular basis. Due to its careful maintenance and restoration, the DB6 has a drivability that gives a responsiveness and smoothness that the driver desires. These improvements were helped by the chassis and body assembly restoration which included the installation of an electric power assisted steering column and steering linkages as well as transforming the braking capabilities of the car. 

History of the DB6

With an illustrious history, the DB6 was announced at the London Motor Show in October of 1965 and quickly became a hit with the rich and famous. Stars including HRH Prince Charles, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Tiggy and Peter Sellers all owned a DB6.

A clear evolution of the DB5, the noticeable changes on the DB6 included a Kamm tail rear spoiler, the split front and rear bumpers, a redesigned oil cooler aperture in the front valance, a higher roof line and a longer wheelbase.

When it was new, the DB6 saloon was fitted with a straight six engine producing 282 BHP which meant it could reach a top speed of 148 mph as well as having an impressive 0-60 time of 6.1 seconds. 

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