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Aston Martin Coupe / Virage Multi Valve 7.3 litre. The ULTIMATE Aston Performance Engine.

22 January 2021

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a very special performance engine to turn your car into the ultimate road-going Aston.


This highly developed engine has benefited from an accumulation of many years of development from marked specialists and also world-renowned engine specialists. 

Built without comprise to exacting standards using the highest quality components to ensure not only maximum torque and power are achieved but also for ultimate reliability.


This has to be the ultimate upgrade available. In normally aspirated configuration this engine will transform the performance by epic proportions, in supercharged form over 1,000 BHP can be obtained reliably…


For the bold, brave, and the most discerning of Aston Martin owners.


Available to purchase outright, or why not let Aston Workshop carry out the ultimate conversion for you.