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Another Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato recreation almost complete

10 July 2022

Over the years, Aston Workshop have built-to-order over 10 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato recreations, with another 3 currently in various stages of completion in our workshops. The basis of this car is built from a DB4 donor giving the roots of the vehicle real authenticity just like the factory originals.

This particular DB4GT Recreation is almost complete, and has been finished in Antrim Blue. The owner has specified discreet Aston Workshop enhancements, including power steering, air conditioning, upgraded AP brakes, and a stereo with modern functionalities and period aesthetics. It will shortly be paired with it's interior trim, and an Aston Workshop 4.2 litre engine block, fully machined by our in-house engineers.

The result of over 2,500 man hours of work, the DB4 GT Zagato recreation is fully road legal in either LHD or RHD format with a DVLA registration and an original Aston Martin DB4 chassis number. As a result of completing numerous Aston Workshop Zagato recreations to date, the refined accuracy when compared to the original is second to none.

Aston Workshop's globally renowned Zagato recreations are built fully to the purchaser's specification, with exterior and interior finish, engine and exhaust specification, and a choice of automatic or manual gearboxes, all decided on by the owner.

Our DB4GT Zagato Recreation with conventional engine is £1,500,000+VAT, and this price includes a donor vehicle. An optional EV electric powertrain is also available.