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Historical DB2/4 Drophead in our service bays

30 July 2022

Our workshops recently saw this 1953 Aston Martin DB2/4 Drophead Coupe for routine maintenance.

Still finished in it's original colour of Sea Green, this very rare Aston is made all the more special by it's history.

Once used by Aston Martin Lagonda as a works demonstrator car, it featured in promotional material, magazines, and PR releases for the DB2/4 Drophead. It was also featured in a Discovery Channel documentary about a previous owner's Le Mans racing team in 2006.

It was converted from it's original 2.6-litre engine to 3.0 litres in late 1953/early 1954. This very car has extensive competition history, notably being raced during 1954/55 by David Brown's daughter, Angela.

At Aston Workshop, we are regularly entrusted with classic Aston Martins that have a rich history to be uncovered, and our dedicated service bays regularly see classic Astons such as this DB2, as well as modern AMG examples from the current range, and everything in between.