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Aston Martin V550 V8 engine repairs

01 September 2022

The V8 engines have to undergo a very invasive procedure - the replacement of liner seals. This process is no small task, and involves removing the full engine from the car, stripping it back to the very bare bones, thoroughly cleaning the block and head, and then rebuilding it with brand new components.

Liners seals leaking coolant is a known fault on the Aston V550, as well as the Virage and Coupe variants. A tell tale sign to look for is corrosion present in and around the block caused by a coolant leak, which suggests the “O” Rings are starting to fail. If left untreated, this problem can be fatal to the engine, resulting in needing a new block or extensive reclamation repairs on the original engine, which can be extremely expensive and time consuming.

Although very labour intensive, this work ultimately saves both time and money for long-term ownership. The stripping, cleaning and processing removes the harmful build-up of sediment, and minor corroded areas can be repaired and treated before they become a major issue.

Once the Cylinder Block has been fully cleaned and inspected, the new cylinder liner seals are replaced and the cylinder liners are re installed.

A detailed pressurised inspection on our purpose made machine is then carried out to ensure all is well. This specialist piece of equipment  enables us to pressurize the cylinder block and circulate hot liquid at 80 degrees Centigrade, to replicate engine running temperatures in the real world.

The V550 V8 engines are now one step closer to being rebuilt and returned to the Astons they belong to.

For any aspect of engine repair work, please contact to specify your requirements.