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Aston Martin V550 liner seal replacement complete

18 September 2022

The process of replacing the liner seals in the Aston Martin V550 engine is complete.

After stripping the engine, and thoroughly cleaning the block and head, our engineering department have then rebuilt it using brand new components. After the V550 V8 received it's new cylinder liner seals, it was subject to a pressurised inspection on our specialist machine to ensure all was well when at running temperature.

While this is an undoubtedly time-consuming and very involved repair process, it is ultimately a money saving exercise in the long term. Removing the harmful build-up of sediment and repairing minor corroded areas before they degrade is important to the longevity of this engine - if the liner seals fail, it can be fatal to the engine. This can result in needing a new block or extensive reclamation repairs.

A known fault on the Aston Martin V550, Virage, and Coupe, corrosion present in and around the block caused by a coolant leak is a common sign to look out for.

If your V550, Virage, or early V8 Coupe could benefit from this procedure, or for any aspect of engine repair work, please contact to specify your requirements.