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V12 Vanquish Manual Conversion by Aston Workshop

01 July 2024

Aston Workshop are delighted to bring to market our in-house developed manual conversion for the 2001-2007 V12 Vanquish and V12 Vanquish S. Utilising the original Tremec 6-speed gearbox, our manual conversion package removes the complex and underwhelming 'Auto Shift Manual' system followed by the fitment of a traditional three-pedal and gear knob setup. As well as manufacturing and fitting the extra hardware required we also update the cars complex electronic systems to ensure our conversion seamlessly works with the rest of the car.

Following an extensive Research and Development process we are delighted to announce we are now taking orders for projects to commence immediately. For more information on our V12 Vanquish manual conversion, click the link below or call our Workshop Manager Neil Calvert on +44 (0) 1207 233 525.