Further Information

 Mitsubish Jeep


Engine 4DR6

Engine number 01553

Mileage 43,841km

2.7L Direct Injection Turbo Diesel

Highly original, low mileage lady owner from Japan, possibly the most original we have seen. 

A Fun, wind in the hair off roader or country lane cruiser.

In 1953 Mitsubishi secured the rights to build the Willys under their own name and the Mitsubishi Jeep was born.  

In the USA the Willys was built till 1965 but in Japan Mitsubishi had a good thing going so they kept the line in production till 1998.

This Jeep has the preferred uprated 2.7L Turbo engine 4DR6 engine producing 2699 cc. It has been lovingly maintained and carefully driven in Japan giving it heritage and maintaining originality.

The 4DR6 turbo direct injection engine is derived from 4DR5 2.7L naturally aspirated engine. The head is modified to a whirlpool combustion chamber, direct injection system (Compression ratio 17.5) to produce maximum power, torque and fuel efficiency of 15.5km/liter or 36.6 miles / US gallon. The Turbo is a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries waste gate equipped TD04 type turbocharger.

J53s have full time hubs, reverse turn glow plugs and the ultra tough 24V system. The passenger seat folds up completely to give very easy access to the rear of the Jeep. This jeep has a stereo fitted into the glovebox with rear speakers and amp.

Crawl down the steepest hill or race up the nearest mountain, this gutsy miniature tank can handle it all with switchable low gear and 4WD. This J53 is a turn-key, off road capable unit - one of the best off road vehicles ever made. 

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