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Offered for sale following a sympathetic and comprehensive restoration. Prepared to an exceptional standard, the car has been given a full mechanical overhaul involving engine, transmission, brakes and suspension. The body has been stripped to the bare metal, corrosion removed and then subsequently painted. Inside the car has been given a largely new interior, including blue carpets, and beige headlining and leatherwork. The walnut dashboard was restored and all of the instruments overhauled and recalibrated as appropriate. The DB2/4 car introduced from late 1952 and was built by Mulliners of Birmiongham. This included raising the roof line to accommodate 2 vestigial rear seats, the introduction of a rear hatch, (the first true “hatchback”), and to accommodate this extra weight, an increase engine size and power. It was also given proper bumpers front and rear. In short the car was transformed into one that the family man could use too. In contrast to the DB2, it was given cast aluminium door sills among a number of significant upgrades on general specification. Built to an exceptional standard of finish and general quality, DB2/4 remains to this day an amazingly practical, beautifully constructed package, whether for club racing at one extreme or in which one can just go down to the shops at the other. It remains a brilliant long distance touring car for the age of the car. For time it was made, the performance was well up to the standard required for an exceptional grand touring car. According to contemporary road test reports, it achieved a 0 to 60 mph time in approximately 10 secs and a maximum speed of 118 mph. The cars came with a 4 speed manual gearbox, but lacked any syncromesh on first gear. To accommodate a more trans Atlantic appeal, the DB2/4 Mk2 was introduced from late 1955. It came with additional brightwork, minor change to bonnet construction and better front seats. The chassis and engine specifications were carried over unchanged. A total of 199 were constructed of which there were 16 drop-head and 34 fixed head coupes and 145 saloons made. They have a surprisingly taut, rattle free ride and are surprisingly modern in general feel, especially when sympathetically upgraded with assisted brakes, electric power steering and more modern radial ply tyres.. Not surprisingly they have a loyal following. The same gentlemen owned this car for 30 years until, needing a restoration, it was sold to the Aston Workshop. They are comfortable strong, long distance touring cars, with immense character, once sampled never forgotten. Built and furnished to an exceptional standard, they will delight and enjoy an increasing strong following. One of the best DB2/4 available, it comes with a comprehensive history file and guarantee.

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