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DB4 Series 2 with DB4 GT engine We have just received instructions from the owner of this Aston to re-launch it under the banner of "Offers Invited" please contact us if you have a serious interest in purchasing this car! We are privileged to be able to offer for sale a very special Aston Martin DB4 Series 2 RHD saloon in Sanction 2 metallic green, with black leather interior and fitted with a four speed manual transmission and modified final drive, for relaxed cruising on the motorway. Only 2 years ago, she was given a totally rebuilt engine to the full DB4 GT specification,, including to 4.2 litre capacity. At the same time the engine was uprated with a twin plug GT cylinder head, fast road camshafts, uprated brakes, fast road suspension, aluminium radiator, oil cooler and fuel tank which was undertaken and supplied by ourselves at the Aston Workshop. She was also given a total respray in Sanction II metallic green at the same time. New light alloy Torrino chromed wire wheels and new Borrani wheel spinners were fitted on completion. The car was supplied when new by the Aston Martin factory to Lord Beaverbrook in 1960. It was equipped with a special series engine on build. In 1999, the car was given a total chassis and body restoration to the highest standards and has had little use since. It has been owned by its present owner since 1998. It comes with a detailed history file giving this car a very special provenance. Model history Announced at the Paris Motor Show in October, 1958, the DB4 ushered in a radical departure for Aston Martin in its determination to be a force in the production of true world beating manufacturers of GT cars of the very highest performance. The DB4 required a totally new platform chassis that was designed by Harold Beach, the chief chassis engineer, and was given radical new body styling by Touring of Milan. A new form of body construction used the Superleggara principle of a light tubular structure that was then clothed in an aluminium body shell. Patented by Touring, it was a form of construction that was followed in principle all the way to the Virage of the early 1990s. A totally new all aluminium, twin overhead cam straight 6 cylinder engine, running in an extremely generous 7 bearing crankcase, endowed the DB4 with a step change in performance and a useful saving of weight from the previous cast iron engines used in the DB2. There was no other car in production that could better its time of 0 to 100 mph of 20 secs and few the equal of its top speed of 140 mph, when the DB4 was announced in 1958. The DB4 included many lessons that Aston Martin had learnt from its racing heritage, influencing suspension and engine design, braking and aerodynamics. The one major disappointment was the use of a conventional rear axle, all be it very well located, in preference to the use of a De Dion independent rear suspension because of cost, technical and production risk. The DB4 is still one of the most beautiful and iconic cars of all time. Instantly recognised as an Aston Martin, the classical and perfect proportions of the early series DB4s has never been bettered. It is a style that looks right from every angle and it is not without reason that it has set the tone for every subsequent Aston Martin to this day. On its debut in October 1958, the DB4 was hardly fully developed, nor was Aston Martin ready to start series production and it was not until later in 1959 that series manufacture started in earnest. The DB4 evolved over 5 distinct series, each bringing useful improvements, as lessons learnt became known from owners’ service experience. By the time the fifth and final series started in production in l962, the DB4 had evolved into a very reliable, comfortable and rapid Grand Tourer of the highest performance. Series 1 cars – Distinguished by a front opening bonnet and frameless door windows. When built, they lacked any oil cooler and the size of the sump and with a restricted engine oil capacity, this led to many early engines succumbing to severe bearing damage when subjected to sustained high engine speeds However, it remains the purest and best proportioned version of all the DB4 variants built. Series 2 cars – Carried over the rear body design and proportions of the Series 1, but came with rear opening bonnet, significant engine modifications (which many of the Series 1 cars were later retrofitted with), uprated brakes and framed door windows. Customer options included special series engine, overdrive and an oil cooler. This very special DB4 we have for sale is quite unrepeatable. Not only does its condition fully reflect its recent and very complete restoration, but it performs and handles like no other DB4 that we have had the pleasure of sampling . Its performance and roadholding is quite breathtaking as its flawless condition. It has all of the nice to have modifications enabling it to be used in modern traffic conditions with complete confidence. This DB4 is most highly recommended. Not cheap, it is an enthusiasts dream car and prospective purchasers should enquire quickly if they are not miss this unrepeatable car. She can be readily supplied as a LHD car if desired. Original Brochures:

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