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We are delighted to offer for sale, a unique specification Aston Martin DB5. This Aston has been fully restored by Aston Workshop, for a very discerning client. His personal specification included an upgrade to a ZF 4 speed automatic gearbox. Engine rebuilt to Aston Workshop 'High Torque' 4.2 specification. State of the art air conditioning system and power assisted steering. Further enhancements include aluminium fuel tank, aluminium radiator and aluminium oil cooler. Brand new stainless steel wire wheels fitted with Michelin XWS tyres. The car was fully stripped; all corroded chassis work was removed and replaced with new metal. All faults to aluminium panels were removed and rectified to give a perfect surface upon which to apply the paint. The restored body shell was acid-treated to remove all traces of oxidisation, then oven dried and etch primed. Special epoxy high build primers in between block flattening were used to achieve the ultimate flatness to all panels. Full detailing was given to all panel edges and shut area. The car was then painted, in Silver Birch, in the latest high specification two-pack paint using a double-block hand flattening process. The final colour was trapped in seven coats of high quality two pack lacquer and hand flatted and polished. All chrome was refurbished to concourse standard using copper and nickel to achieve a show quality result. All nickel plated items we re-plated to original specification. The interior has been re-trimmed in black in Connolly leather. New Wilton carpets are fitted to the interior, and those to the boot have also been renewed. All upholstery throughout the vehicle, including the trim to the dashboard and the head cloth has been renewed. A brand new 4 speed automatic gearbox was fitted, which could be swapped for a manual unit if desired. The axle was stripped, inspected and overhauled LSD. The overhaul of the cars suspension, and steering included sand blasting and bead blasting of all components and refinishing in Bonda primer and 2K black enamel. Careful inspection of all moving and wearing components and all bushings etc renewed throughout. Rear shock absorbers are fully overhauled. In addition to the standard suspension work, we have also fitted our own ‘Monte Carlo’ handling kit, and new Koni front shock absorbers. The entire braking system was stripped, bead blasted, re-enamelled and rebuilt using new stainless steel pistons throughout. New servos and master cylinder fitted. All pipe work renewed with Kunifer piping and brass fittings throughout. In addition to the standard braking system, our own ‘Le Mans’ Brake Booster Kit has been fitted for enhanced braking performance. All body fittings have been polished and refinished to the highest standards. All components were re-fitted using new original specification fasteners. A full set of new hand made aluminium door shut (Polka Dot) finishers was fitted to enhance that ‘new’ look. The car was reassembled using all new rubber seals and trims. The car has been fitted with a complete stainless steel exhaust system, with a lifetime guarantee, fully seam welded throughout. All new hangers and aluminium heat shields have been fitted. The car has an original specification tool kit and hydraulic jack. The car has undergone a full road test and pre-delivery inspection programme to iron out any bugs. The car will be covered by our extensive 12 month warranty subject to conditions being agreed. This DB5 in our opinion must be one of the best available in the world! To both view and drive this superb Aston, contact Aston Workshop on +44 (0) 1207 233 525. Right or Left hand drive the choice is yours! As one of the biggest specialists dealing in Classic Aston Martins, we are finding an increasing demand for LHD cars and the availability of such cars is extremely small. That this is the case is perhaps not surprising bearing in mind that only some 10% of those Aston Martins manufactured up until the introduction of the DB7were sold as original LHD cars. As a result, we are finding an increasing demand for LHD conversions, which we are very well placed to meet. Many prospective customers may well think that changing the specification of any rare car, such as an Aston Martin, would detract from both its originality and value. This may be the case if major changes are envisaged to the appearance or there is a major deviation from the original in some major mechanical item, such as fitting a Jaguar engine into a DB4. Indeed, as was originally found when many Austin Healeys and E-Types were re-imported back to the UK and converted to RHD, that values did to some extent suffer, largely as a result of the quality and original appearance of those converted deviating significantly from the original RHD car. No more. On the contrary, we are routinely now finding that valuable Aston Martins that have been sold recently to overseas customers normally driving on the right, are being bought and converted to LHD and that a premium is often achieved. As a result the value of a car converted from RHD to LHD is as much and often more than the cost of the conversion. There are however, a number of clear provisos in making this claim. First and foremost, the conversion has to be such that the car is precisely as it would have been had it been manufactured from new as a LHD car. The second key proviso is that the quality of the conversion has to be flawless and that the car has the precise appearance of an original LHD car. Over the last year or so, the demand for these LHD conversions has risen very substantially, particularly the DB4, 5 and 6 cars and increasingly now, the V8 models. We have remanufactured or can acquire just about all of the items that are required to do the conversion, be it DB4, 5, 6 or a V8, chief amongst which are the Dashboards. As will be seen, the quality and original appearance is extremely good and anyone contemplating a RHD to LHD conversion can be assured that the conversion process is quite straightforward, taking no more than a few weeks to do and that we are very experienced at doing them. If a LHD conversion is of interest get in touch,. We can certainly advise and can readily provide a very competitive quotation for all the work involved. Original Literature for the DB5:

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