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All classic Aston Martins have a certain level of sophistication, perhaps none more so than the iconic DB5, but what makes this particular DB5 really stand out from the crowd is the incredibly attractive colour combination of California Sage and beige leather interior. This is the original ‘factory’ specification, making the car extremely evocative of the time of manufacture. Remember, at the time, very few owners were fortunate enough to be able to order such ‘exotic’ colours! In excellent order throughout, it has had the benefit of a recent major engine overhaul to 4.2 litre and a rebuilt and upgraded suspension, all of which was undertaken by RS Williams, one of the foremost Aston Martin specialists. The car comes with a substantial history and has a total of 66,562 recorded miles on the odometer and will be given a thorough service and MoT prior to delivery. Owning and driving a DB5 is always going to be very special, and this particular Aston is definitely no exception, embodying as it does the very essence of Aston Martin: Power, Beauty and Soul. History of the Model The DB5 was announced in October 1963 at the Earls Court Motor show. The final development of the Series 5 DB4 introduced many of the features found later in the DB5, including the revised roofline and enlarged boot. The engine was enlarged to 4 litres by increasing the cylinder bore and the Vantage engine with triple SU carburettors became the standard engine specification. While early DB5s came with the same David Brown 4 speed gearbox, this was soon superseded with the introduction of a ZF 5-speed gearbox, revised final drive ratio, 4 wheel Girling disc brakes with twin servos, adjustable Selectaride rear dampers and an alternator. The DB5 was described by contemporary road testers, as a car “that defies definition with many widely differing characters, that is always tailored to one’s mood of the movement”. It is a car capable of effortless high performance, yet quiet and refined, but with a most satisfying and mellifluous snarl as the mood takes one. Beautiful, rare, and with impeccable breeding, it is the epitome of all that was most elegant in its time, with that unmistakable British character, yet with the design flair of the very best of Italian styling. “It is a car which challenges and satisfies and always excites”. This DB5 has had the benefit of much recent and extensive mechanical work and it drives accordingly. Our engine check reveals excellent compressions and oil pressure and the engine has all the appearance of being in excellent order. It is a fine example of the DB5. Available upgrades Of course this Aston can be readily modified and upgraded as may be desired. Changes from RHD to LHD, Electric Power Steering, and some additional fast road engine performance and suspension enhancements are all possible and cost effective. A full colour change can be made if the new owner desires. We will be glad to quote an all inclusive price for purchase and upgrade as may be requested by the prospective purchaser. Original Literature for the DB5:

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