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This incredible DBS 6 has been 'dry stored' by the same owner for over 30 years. "Barn finds" such as this have dramatically increased in value over the last few years with collectors & investors becoming more and more attracted by the rarity, originality and investment potential of these hidden classics. Two recent examples reached DOUBLE their estimated auction price in the UK at over £50k each, with restored examples achieving three times that figure. This particular car must have been something special when new, as it was delivered with a host of factory fitted extras; ZF transmission Air conditioning Power assisted steering Engine heater (100/12v U.S.A.) Spark plug holder Flamm horns Bosch New York Radio Marchi Q.I. rect. spot lamp Marchi Q.I. rect. fog lamp Two extra road wheels (bare) Two Sebring wing mirrors DBS Continental parts kit (std. eng.) Sadly, some of these original parts are now missing from the car along with the following key items: Centre console Steering rack Engine Transmission Front grille The days of splendour may have left this lovely old Aston for now, but restored to its former glory it would surely be a thing of beauty. A great project car (which of course Aston workshop would be more than happy to help restore), or one to put away for another day. There has never been a better time to purchase this kind of fast appreciating, classic Aston Martin. The rarity and desirability of these cars means that we anticipate a lot of interest. Please contact a member of our sales team for further information and advice. +44 (0)1207 233 525

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