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ASTON MARTIN DBS: YEAR : 1968 (G reg) CHASSIS NUMBER : DBS/5231/R ENGINE NUMBER : 400/3674/SVC REGISTRATION NUMBER: FAR 130G Light blue metallic with dark blue leather. 1. SPECIFICATION: - right hand drive - registered and titled in the UK - five speed ZF manual - factory Vantage specification - power steering - Motolita woodrim steering wheel - Harvey Bailey ‘handling kit’ - Koni front shock absorbers 2. HISTORY OF OWNERSHIP (summary as known): - Previous Owner AMOC member purchased the car in early 2006 - The previous owner before that, another AMOC member, purchased the car in 1987. In the nineteen years he owned the car he travelled less than 11,000 miles. This is substantiated by the service and MOT records. - He in turn had purchased the car from an owner who had owned the car since 1972. 3. PAINT RESTORATION IN 2006, carried out by reputable garage: - the entire body was stripped to bare metal, the front and rear windows and all the stainless and chrome trim were removed, and the entire car primed and repainted in the original colour of Caribbean Blue - no metal work was found necessary, the sills still benefiting from their AML factory rebuild in 1989, since when the car has covered only 11,000 miles, and never in inclement weather - whilst repainting the opportunity was taken to fit a new front windscreen during reassembly, the original bearing minor stone chips. New rubber trim was fitted to both the front and rear screens. 4. AML ‘FACTORY’ RESTORATION OF THE CHASSIS : - in April 1989 the factory provided a quotation of £5,100 for the restoration of key sections of the chassis, including both sills, both front jacking points, left rear shock absorber mounting, and both rear radius arm mountings. - after opening the sills and thorough investigation this quotation was increased by a further £1,200 - the work was completed during the summer of 1989, substantiated by some twenty five photographs of work-in-progress - since that chassis restoration the car has not been used in inclement weather and has completed only 11,000 miles 5. SERVICING & MAINTENANCE SUMMARY(copies of each bill are held on file): All of the following work has been performed at the AML factory: September 1976: - new wishbones fitted September 1976: - cylinder head gasket replaced - tuning engine - hoses and belts replaced - brake discs, pads, and servos checked, replaced, and repaired as necessary - attending to and adjusting steering and suspension September 1976: - fitting new speedometer May 1981: - fit new clutch - rebuild brakes, including refacing discs and fitting new pads - supply and fit new brake reservoirs - supply and fit new rear springs April 1982: - resurface flywheel July 1985: - carrying out 10,000 mile service - renew cylinder head gasket - rebuilding steering, king pins, track rod ends and column UJs - renewing power steering seals - supply and fit new front shock absorbers - overhauling front brake calipers - replacing and/or repairing various electrical items February 1987: - carrying out 10,000 mile service - replacing windscreen wiper motor December 1987: - carrying out 5,000 mile service - supply and fit new cutch - renewing gearbox front and rear seals April 1988: - supplying and fitting new petrol pump - supplying and fitting rechromed rear bumper April 1989: - carrying out 10,000 mile service - replacing front brake discs - supply and fit new carpets to interior and boot July 1989: - carrying out 10,000 mile service - replacing rear shock absorbers - replacing track rod ends and steering rack gaitors - replacing front seat belts - replacing exhaust silencers and intermediate pipes September 1990: - repairing LH engine mount - supplying and fitting new wheels and spinners September 1991: - carrying out 5,000 mile service - replacing gearbox mountings September 1992: - carrying out 5,000 mile service - replacing front exhaust downpipes - replacing wishbone bushes September 1993: - carrying out 10,000 mile service September 1995: - carrying out 5,000 mile service - supply, balance, and fit new tyres July 1996: - carrying out 10,000 mile service - waxoyling box sections of chassis - removing chassis underseal, treat with corrosion inhibitor and reseal November 1997: - carrying out 5,000 mile service - renewing front brake discs February 1999: - carrying out 10,000 mile service - renewing carburetor needle valves and seats March 2000: - supplying and fitting new fuel pump - tuning engine - repairing front brake servo June 2001: - carrying out 5,000 mile service - renewing carburetor needle valves - repairing steering wheel June 2002: - carrying out 10,000 mile service - overhauling front brake calipers July 2003: - carrying out 5,000 mile service - overhauling right hand brake servo June 2004: - carrying out 10,000 mile service - renewing both track rod ends July 2005: - carrying out 5,000 mile service - repairing engine mounting - supply and fit new brake discs July 2006: - Harvey Bailey ‘handling kit’ fitted, including new springs and thicker anti-roll bar Additional Maintenance in 2006: - three new chrome wire wheels - new number plates - new front and rear screen rubbers - new door lock assembly - new pedal rubbers - new instrument voltage control - new door mirrors - new number plate lamp - new boot spring - new steering wheel 6. MOTs: Year Mileage Garage 1972 25,125 Ardnes Service Station, Herts 1973 33,121 Ardnes Service Station, Herts 1974 40,159 New Barnet Garages, Herts 1975 48,096 Odeon Motors Limited, Herts 1976 50,421 New Barnet Garages, Herts ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1977 699* Odeon Motors Limited, Herts 1978 2,350 Odeon Motors Limited, Herts 1981 5,015 Park Garage Limited, Herts 1982 5,725 Park Garage Limited, Herts 1984 6,240 Park Garage Limited, Herts 1985 6,542 Aston Martin Lagonda Limited 1986 10,264 ditto 1987 12,047 ditto 1987 14,344 ditto 1989 16,833 ditto 1990 18,118 ditto 1991 19,241 ditto 1992 19,997 ditto 1993 20,528 ditto 1995 21,079 ditto 1996 21,889 ditto 1997 22,495 ditto 1999 22,910 ditto 2000 23,276 ditto 2001 23,596 ditto 2002 24,108 ditto 2003 24,452 ditto 2004 24,771 ditto 2005 25,234 ditto 2006 26,586 NB. The speedometer was replaced in 1976 when the MOT recorded that the car had traveled 50,421 miles. This confirms that the total mileage of the car from new is estimated at 77,000 miles. 7. COMMENT: This is a very fine example of an early DBS, the purest design during the four years of production. During that period continuing development led to several detail modifications being made to the body, including air dams at the front and rear, deleting the air vents to the rear quarters, and replacing the woodtrim facia panel. As with many marques, in retrospect it is the earliest design that has become evocative of a particular model and so a Series I DBS has become the most highly sought after. The most desirable of all are those cars with the Vantage engine and manual gearbox such as this car. Very few cars that are almost forty years old are accompanied by thirty one years of careful and ‘no-expense-spared’ service history, and even fewer Aston Martins can boast that with the factory. The thirty five years of MOTs also validate that the total mileage covered is approximately 77,000 miles, a very low mileage for a car of this age. Most importantly, despite covering a very low annual mileage – an average of less than 1,000 miles per year for the last thirty years – the car has been religiously serviced and maintained. The moment you get in and drive this car it feels right. Restorations can be fine, but there is no substitute for a thoroughly well-maintained original and this is immediately evident in the way the car behaves. Other than the servicing and mechanical maintenance, all the other essential work that these models often require has been done, with the chassis and sills by AML and the paintwork a year ago by a reputable garage. The dark blue interior leather is original and in fair condition. The meticulous servicing shows in the high oil pressure maintained, even during hot summer weather and difficult traffic conditions. Cooling in dense town traffic is not an issue and the car idles for long periods at ease. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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