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Very rare - One of only 70 built - AM Vantage 1972 All 70 of these fantastic cars were ‘Vantage-engined’ to the highest state of tune for this engine – ‘SVC’. They represent a special place in Aston Martin history as they were the last six cylinder cars with a heritage stemming from the greatest era of the firm’s racing history and the last to be fitted with wire wheels. They also marked a return to the traditionally-shaped front that was first introduced in the DB3S in the early ‘fifties, continued throughout the ‘DB’ series of 4, 5, and 6, and was later adopted for all Aston Martins from the current decade – the DB9, the Vanquish, the V8 Vantage, and the current DBS. The model benefited from all the many improvements developed and implemented throughout the five years of DBS production, including many mechanical and cosmetic changes. Of most significance, and like the last fifty examples of the DBS, the car used the same later ‘dog leg’ ZF five speed gearbox as used in the DBSV8. It is notable that though the V8-engined model with the same body style was introduced in 1970, demand for the six cylinder AM Vantage continued through 1973 until the factory no longer offered the alternative. Though the V8-engined cars are very fine in their own right, this affection and appreciation for the six cylinder cars has had a direct bearing on demand, and they now command a premium in the market up to fifty per cent higher than their V8 counterpart. Original literature:

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