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1989 V8 Vantage X-pack We have just received instructions from the owner of this Aston to re-launch it under the banner of "Offers Invited" please contact us if you have a serious interest in purchasing this car! Stunning in appearance, this is an extremely fine example of a late Aston Martin V8 Vantage RHD. The car comes with an X-Pack engine. One of very few Vantage Saloons with automatic transmission, it is finished in a very dark shade of Rolls Royce Royal Metallic Blue and complimented by Magnolia leather piped Blue and matching dark blue Wilton Carpets. It is from the very last batch of Series 3 V8 Vantage saloons made. First registered in 1989, it has covered a total of 59,000-recorded miles, which is believed to be genuine. It comes with a continuous and full service history from new. The V8 Vantage was launched in 1979. Essentially the same in shape and size to the standard V8 Saloon, it came with a substantially up rated engine, modifications to the front panel, introduced a deep front spoiler and modified gearing. Performance was substantially improved with 0 –60 times being reduced to 5.2 secs from 6.6, and 0-100 in 10.2 secs. These are extremely rapid times even by today’s standards. The suspension was lowered and stiffened and brakes increased in size. Almost from the first car, the need for a rear spoiler became imperative. Tyre size increased to 255-50 /16. The increase power came mainly from an increase in the size of the Weber carburettors, increased diameter valves to improve engine breathing with revised camshafts, improvements to inlet and exhaust manifolds and a larger bore exhaust. In 1986, the series 3 V8 Vantage was introduced and a further upgrade to the engine was available as a customer option. This became known as the X-Pack. This is one such up rated car and these have now become highly valued. With the exception of a handful of automatic cars, they all came with manual 5 speed gearboxes. Contemporary road testers were astounded when the car was launched and for a number of years, it held the tile of being the fastest accelerating production 4-seat car available in the world. The performance is effortless, urgent and extremely rapid. They provide a driving experience never forgotten, utterly intoxicating and once sampled nothing less will be acceptable. This Aston is extremely hard to fault. Structurally perfect with flawless panels, it was given a complete bare metal re-spray and full re-trim in 1998, since when it has been used very sparingly. To this day, the paint is near perfect, as is the interior and the alloy BBS wheels. In all other respects, the car is as it was built. It has not been restored, but has been carefully used, meticulously maintained with a full and continuous history. With added luxuries such as a beautiful wood Nardi steering wheel, unmarked walnut dashboard, it is a car that cannot fail to deeply impress. This Aston is highly recommended and few if any are available in comparable condition. A collector’s item even now, there are few original Vantage saloons available and those in this condition are very difficult to find. There are a number of upgrades that are available, including a change from RHD to LHD; Additional performance upgrades are also available. If this is the car for you, but the colour is wrong, a possible change in colour can be readily accommodated.

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