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Aston Workshop Featured in Vantage Magazine

16 March 2020

We're tremendously proud that our hardworking team here at Aston Workshop never stop thinking of how they can make your Aston Martin better for today's road conditions and modern fuels.

One of our own creations has been the popular V8 Evolution 6.0 upgrade package.  If you choose to take advantage of the full suite of upgrades, we make improvements to the engine, install an EFI conversion, gearbox upgrade  handling kit improvement, upgraded brakes and (if required) RHD to LHD conversion.

CLICK HERE for more information on our V8  Evolution 6.0 upgrade package

Recently Vantage Magazine took out one of our own upgraded V8's along with a standard unchanged V8 to the North York moors, pitting them against one another to see what the differences were.

Ben Barry who tested both cars noted with the upgraded V8 that "Turn the key and the V8 instantloy bristles with extra energy - The body rocks when you blip the throttle"

To read the full article, simply head to your nearest news agent / supermarket and turn to page 122 in the Spring issue (issue 29) of Vantage Magazine.