Since its beginnings, Aston Workshop's new Paint and Body Centre has been set up with the best equipment and the best people to consistently deliver chassis and bodies prepared and painted to the highest standards.

In order for us to deliver to those standards we have acquired and installed a number of key facilities, all of them state of the art.

The first of these is our spray booth.
This is built to the best modern standards and fully compatible with all modern water-based painting systems. To go with this we installed computer-controlled paint mixing facilities, which, with the experienced eye of our painters, ensures we always get a very precise paint match. On the structural side, we have two state-of-the-art Global Jigs. These we use to reconstruct the structural platform and chassis, ensuring accurate and precise alignment. To go with these we have the most modern welding systems. These same jigs enable us to pull crash damaged structures, enabling us to more quickly repair and achieve precise alignment.
As Aston Martins up to the DB7 have all been built with aluminium alloy panels, so it is incumbent upon us to ensure scrupulous care is taken to avoid ferrous corrosion and contamination on any of the alloy panels. To ensure we keep to those cleanliness standards, we have installed 2 category A standard repair bays, which are there to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination of ferrous and aluminium material.
None of these facilities have any value without the skills to put them to work. Over the years that we have had the Paint and Body Centre, we have attracted an extremely talented and skilled team of panel beaters, fabricators, and painters, all dedicated to delivering the highest standards of workmanship.
This team with the facilities and equipment we have are your guarantee of our ability to deliver.