About Aston Transport
Aston Transport is a division of Aston Workshop, the world's leading classic Aston Martin specialists. Originally a separate company run by John & Maureen Webster, it was integrated with Aston Workshop in 2010...
For over 30 years, John & Maureen Webster have been moving cars around the UK from their base in the North East of England, latterly as owners of the company. It was during this time that they became increasingly utilised by another successful company from the same region, Aston Workshop.
As more and more work was undertaken for Aston Workshop there finally came a point at which it made more sense for John & Maureen's business to become integrated fully with Aston Workshop. It was important to all concerned that the fantastic reputation and outstanding levels of service associated with John's company be retained.
Thankfully, John is still at the helm of Aston Transport and continues to garner praise from clients nationwide.