The Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato is one of the most sought after and valuable sports cars of all time, and today Aston Workshop is proud to offer an exact road-legal recreation of this celebrated and breathtakingly beautiful 1960s automotive icon.

Built exclusively to order on the proven foundations of an existing Aston Martin DB4 in left or right-hand drive, and with a dedication to absolute accuracy, quality, integrity and authenticity, the Aston Workshop DB4 GT Zagato recreation is tailored to bespoke customer requirements in a fitting tribute to the originals.

Aston Workshop has produced a number of these exquisite vehicles to date, with such meticulous attention to detail that even experts struggle to distinguish it from the real thing. In fact, the most notable differences relate to significantly more affordable pricing, manufacturing processes and materials a cut above the original cars, and hidden enhancements that improve on an already compelling driving experience, as well as reliability and safety.

Nothing is overlooked in the quest for complete perfection, from the iconic curves of a lightweight aluminium body to obsessive attention to detail that extends to the very smallest details.

Read on to learn how we can build this most evocative of sports cars to your dream specification…


Aston Martin and Zagato hand-built only 19 examples of the DB4 GT Zagato between 1960 and 1963, with a further six officially authorised ‘Sanction 2’ and ‘Sanction 3’ vehicles completed in the 1990s. In all cases, the underpinnings were based on the Aston Martin DB4 GT, a shorter, lighter, more potent two-seat version of the Aston Martin DB4 raced to victory by the likes of Stirling Moss.

The Zagato propelled the DB4 GT’s desirability to new heights, with even more stylish aluminium bodywork created by Ercole Spada of storied Italian coachbuilder Zagato. More important for motorsport, the curvaceous design was aerodynamically superior and further reduced weight by 45kg (99lb).

The DB4 GT Zagato was revived in 2019 as part of the DBZ Centenary Collection when another 19 ‘continuation’ Zagatos were built by Aston Martin. Sold as a pair alongside a DBS GT Zagato, these new cars reignited the passion felt for the 1960s racing machines that started the partnership between Aston Martin and Zagato.

With such exclusivity and a racing pedigree that includes successful drives by Stirling Moss and Jim Clark, original Zagatos have fetched over £10-million on the rare occasions they are offered for sale, breaking records for British cars sold at European and American auctions in the process.


Aston Workshop has consistently delivered the finest restored cars of any in our industry, as our award-winning projects attest.

Key to our standing within the industry is a history specialising in Aston Martins dating back over 30 years, and the craftsmanship and expertise of a 50-strong workforce, some of whom were trained at Aston Martin’s production site.

This highly skilled and dedicated team work in state-of-the-art facilities including a bodyshop that marries traditional English wheels for hand-rolling body panels with advanced spray booths and the latest paint technology. Also on-site is CNC reverse-engineering technology to perfectly recreate discontinued parts and an engine build-room equipped with cutting-edge machinery, helping our engines set world-class standards for performance and reliability.

Everything is accessed on one comprehensive 45,000 square foot (4180 square-metre) site.

Rest assured that your treasured project is in safe hands. Aston Workshop is proud to work to ISO 9001 and 9002 standards, meaning we have well documented processes and an effective quality-control system in place. We are also a member of the Retail Motor Institute (RMI) and the Vehicle Builders Repair Association (VBRA), adhere to their standards and guarantee our work and the materials and products we use.

Many dedicated team members are responsible for the assembly of each DB4 GT Zagato recreation. They oversee the process through to the final road test and handover in order to guarantee unbroken continuity throughout the project


Faithful to the originals, the Aston Workshop DB4 GT Zagato recreation is hand-crafted over a shortened version of the Aston Martin DB4 chassis, with the donor vehicle either sourced by Aston Workshop or supplied by the client if preferred.

Prior to the build, we naturally verify the provenance of the donor car and ensure it can be road-registered. With this vital step complete, we discuss the smallest details of your ideal specification so the finished car will align perfectly with your intended use, whether that’s fast roadand track driving, epic journeys at a more leisurely pace or anything between.

The build process begins with a rebuilt DB4 chassis fabricated to DB4 GT dimensions, meaning the wheelbase is some 127mm (five inches) shorter than standard at 2362mm (93 inches). All remedial work required by the donor car is tackled at this stage, and all upper sections of the chassis are fabricated from scratch in order to lay correct foundations for the Zagato body.

The chassis is fully cleaned, bead-blasted, primed and powder-coated, and all normally inaccessible internal channel sections receive a full wax treatment to guarantee many years’ protection. Chassis reconstruction alone can consume 750 hours of painstaking work.

With the chassis complete, the beautifully crafted bodyshell is hand-formed in lightweight aluminium around the chassis to be perfectly faithful to the flowing lines of the original. In keeping with the spirit of those originals, special requests can be incorporated, including the iconic ‘double-bubble’ roof offered in period to liberate additional headroom for taller drivers wearing helmets, or adjustments to the wheel arches to ensure wider wheels and tyres fit perfectly.

Our craftsmen ensure all panel work is mirror smooth before two layers of primer are applied and rubbed down until perfectly smooth. Only then is the water-based exterior paint and lacquer applied, and the coachbuilt body polished to a gorgeous deep mirror finish.

Every detail is obsessively replicated, including the twin fuel filler caps machined from a single billet of aluminium, aluminium window and headlight surrounds, Pilkington glass made to our own pattern, and a rear window manufactured from Perspex, helping to save yet more weight, just like the originals. Hand-built 16-in Borrani wire wheels with matching Borrani spinners provide the period-perfect finishing touch.

The finalised body and chassis enjoy both a superior paint finish and improved level of corrosion protection than factory-built Aston Martins from the period.


The interior of Aston Workshop’s DB4 GT Zagato recreation is crafted to the same peerless quality as all other aspects of this world-class build – and is, naturally, finished to the bespoke requests of each individual client.

Slipping in to the DB4 GT Zagato recreation’s sports seats is to be transported back to the glory days of the British sports car. Elegant, minimalist and above all sportingly purposeful, the interior is the perfect complement to the DB4 GT Zagato’s restrained yet spellbinding exterior design.

You grip a classic three-spoke steering wheel with a slender wooden rim, ahead of that a dashboard created from scratch to faithfully replicate the bespoke construction of the original Zagatos. Low-set sports seats offer the perfect blend of lateral support for sporting driving with generous cushioning for longer-distance adventures. The seats are upholstered in the finest leather hides, distinguished by ribbed facings and perfectly aligned piping. Wilton carpets add a further touch of indulgence.

Every detail is correct, from the toggle switches and additional Smiths instruments unique to Zagato models, to bespoke door handles milled from a single billet of aluminium and the rouched door pockets.

Equal effort goes on ensuring your DB4 GT Zagato recreation is a joy to live with: extensive soundproofing and heat insulation for the car floor and engine bulkhead minimise unwanted noise and heat soak through to the cabin and Zircotec ceramic coating for the exhaust manifold and front pipes provide ultimate heat insulation.

Air-conditioning systems can be fitted upon request to maximise your comfort, extending to our Tropicalisation upgrade, with twin-zone climate control.

Modern audio and communication systems can also be sensitively included and available in the style of original equipment, making the DB4 GT Zagato recreation more convenient and enjoyable to drive while retaining a period-correct appearance. Other convenience features include modern security and tracker systems and remote central locking.

All the understated elegance of the classic original but subtly updated with today’s most desirable convenie


Turn the ignition key and the straight-six engine wakes with the warm, smooth purr so characteristic of an Aston Martin. But Aston Workshop’s expertise ensures this masterpiece of engineering has been significantly improved beyond the original.

All Aston Martin DB4 GT and DB4 GT Zagatos were equipped with an advanced 3.7-litre in-line six-cylinder engine designed by the legendary Tadek Marek. Compared with a standard DB4, these engines benefitted from enhanced intake breathing, a higher 9.7:1 compression ratio, modified camshafts and a twin-plug cylinder-head design. Performance rose from an already very healthy 302bhp to a claimed 314bhp.

The design targeted high performance with the longevity to endure racing for 24 hours at Le Mans. It is to this motorsport-developed specification that Aston Workshop DB4 GT Zagato engines are engineered and also improved.

If desired, Aston Workshop can comprehensively rebuild the donor DB4 engine. However, we recommend starting with a new Aston Workshop engine block to provide the strongest and most reliable foundations to safely accommodate a higher level of tuning and increased capacity.

The bottom-end benefits from forged Cosworth pistons, forged con-rods and a specially balanced seven-bearing forged steel crankshaft engineered to Aston Workshop’s bespoke specification. Extend this engine beyond 6000rpm and you’ll notice the pronounced gain in refinement compared with original engines courtesy of the new crankshaft, which also helps liberate more horsepower and adds generous extra torque throughout the rev range for enhanced driveability. The rear end of the crankshaft is redesigned to incorporate a ‘lip’ seal to engineer out the oil leaks inherent in the original design.

A new aluminium cylinder head is fully gas-flowed and balanced to again ensure perfectly smooth running and a generous powerband. It is equipped with dual overhead Aston Workshop fast-road camshafts, with fuel supplied via triple twin-choke side-draught Weber DCOE 45 carburettors.

Aston Workshop offers a choice of engine capacities from the original 3.7 through to 4.7 litres for ultimate performance. In our experience the 4.2-litre conversion provides an ideal balance of power and driveability perfectly suited to our DB4 GT Zagato recreation’s grand-touring character – and faithfully mirrors the specification chosen by Aston Martin for the six ‘Sanction’ cars produced in the 1990s.

The original 3.7-litre stroke of 92mm is retained, while cylinder bores are increased to 95mm, combining the engine’s inherent willingness to rev with extra horsepower and torque. Upgrades to the cylinder head include larger diameter inlet and exhaust valves, oversize camshaft buckets, new valve guides and Vantage-specification valve springs. All oil and waterways are upgraded to suit. The finishing touch is a stainless steel exhaust to enhance the purposefully throaty engine note.

An uprated water pump, electronic ignition and an aluminium core radiator ensure modern-day reliability and suitability for all traffic conditions.

Once fully assembled, the new engine is run-in and tuned on Aston Workshop’s own dynamometer test cell to ensure everything is functioning as intended and all performance specifications have been achieved. The completed engine will typically produce 300bhp @ 5500rpm and 320lb ft torque @ 4000rpm – healthy increases over the already potent original, and all with enhanced driveability.

For additional peace of mind, we offer an industry-leading ten-year guarantee on our engine rebuilds and conversions *

An Aston Martin four-speed manual transmission is fitted as standard equipment, although different gear-ratio sets are available to customer requirements. Further options include a range or modern automatic and manual gearboxes ideally suited to long-distance touring.

* specification restrictions apply


Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagatos were renowned for their sweetly balanced handling, so our suspension and braking system remains faithful to the original DB4 GT Zagato. The front suspension consists of double wishbones, with a live axle, Watt’s linkage and limited-slip differential at the rear, plus disc brakes all-round.

If total originality is of crucial importance, Aston Workshop will follow the original specification to the letter with either comprehensively overhauled or all-new components.

However, as with the entire build, Aston Workshop can tailor the suspension to your dream specification, with a selection of spring and damper combinations designed to complement your intended use. Our proven upgrade of modern telescopic dampers, in place of the now obsolete lever-arm damper technology for the rear axle, is available for more precise handling as well as enhanced ride comfort and safety.

As standard we use original specification DB4 GT brake calipers combined with a twin circuit, dual servo hydraulic system for improved road use. Alternatively we can use modern high performance brakes. For the most demanding drivers requiring even more stopping power and a more responsive pedal feel, a modern four-piston brake upgrade is available with ventilated discs.

An upgrade to electromechanical power steering provides either a fixed degree of assistance or variable assistance selected in-car by the driver.

The result is a sporting GT that retains all the character of the original DB4 GT Zagato but with, if desired, a programme of comprehensive enhancements that unlock a significantly more sporting flavour that’s perfectly in tune with the improved performance of Aston Workshop’s 4.2-litre engine upgrade.


They say the best things come to those who wait and you will need a little patience before our dedicated team can personally hand-over your DB4 GT Zagato recreation – after all, it’s been lavished with painstaking work consuming thousands of hours and hand-crafted to your bespoke specification. But your patience will be rewarded with one of the most stunning and lovingly crafted road cars available anywhere in the world.

True to the original, but manufactured with all the benefits of modern materials, processes and the most advanced machinery, and with a driving experience that significantly betters the renowned factory cars produced by Aston Martin and Zagato, this is the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato recreated for the modern era and proof that you really can improve on perfection.


Body, Chassis & Fittings
In traditional DB4 GT Zagato fashion the chassis is reduced in length by 5 inches and hand built to exacting Zagato specifications. The chassis is then blasted and powder-epoxy coated. The tailored Zagato body is scrupulously handcrafted using techniques akin to the original Italian coach builders. After being fitted to the chassis a dry build of the vehicle’s suspension and fittings ensures that all components come together correctly. Aston Workshop re-commission the manufacturing of all necessary components to recreate the original DB4 GT Zagato. This includes all alloy body fittings from grille surround to door handles and fuel caps. They are made in-house to fit each individual vehicle then polished to a chrome-like finish.

The car is to be painted in the colour of your choice, in the latest market leading, high specification water based paints with lacquer using a double-block hand flattening process. The body shell is acid-treated, oven dried and then epoxy primed for longevity. High-build primers in between block flattening are used to achieve the ultimate flatness. Full detailing is given to all panel edges and shut areas. Final colour is encapsulated in several coats of high quality two pack lacquer then hand flattened and polished to render a jaw dropping finish.

Interior & Trim
The interior is re-trimmed in a colour of your choice using best quality leather and Wilton carpets. The dashboard, unless requested otherwise is finished in crackle black paint common to most original Zagatos. The correct Aston Martin DB4 GT instruments are stripped and restored to original. The car is to be reassembled using all new seals and trims like a new car. Seat style and comfort is to be discussed, as originally many options were available from Zagato in 1961. New front windscreen, side glass and rear perspex screen are fitted all round.

The engine is machined and fully rebuilt in-house to 4.2 litre Vantage specification using Cosworth pistons, new liners and our developed high performance crankshaft. The DB4 GT 12 plug cylinder head will be built to accept the use of unleaded fuel. All ancillary components will be fully overhauled or replaced as required and finished in original specification paints or plating as appropriate. The engine is test run on our in-house dynamometer before fitting to the car.

All under-bonnet components are renewed to concours Zagato specification. A lightweight alloy fuel tank and spare wheel mount are built to original DB4 GT Zagato spec. A full new stainless steel exhaust system will be fitted with extra silencers as DB5 specification unless otherwise requested. Full engine specification can be discussed in detail as we have further options available for your consideration.

The gearbox options to be discussed are David Brown 4 speed manual (original spec.), 5 speed ZF manual, modern 4 speed auto or modern 5 speed manual.

Suspension & Steering
Fully overhauled suspension and steering including sand blasting and bead blasting of all components and refinishing in Bonda primer and 2K black enamel. All moving / wearing components are renewed throughout as a matter of course. The steering rack will be fully overhauled and re-fitted with new mountings and ball joints. Rear shock absorbers are refurbished and a Monte Carlo Handling Kit fitted. New wheels and tyres are fitted to the car ( 7 inch Borrani type rims ). Full specification to be discussed depending on customer preference.

Braking System
The braking system is to be fully stripped and rebuilt using original spec. or uprated to DB5 spec. with twin circuit brake servo boosters and new master cylinder fitted. All pipework renewed throughout in Kunifer with brass fittings.

Electrical system to have full new wiring harness made in-house, with all ancillaries renewed or rebuilt, discreet high output alternator and hi-speed starter. Halogen headlights.

Inherently by choosing Aston Workshop to build your Zagato re-creation you are opened up to a world of enhancements available. Power steering, air-con, brake, suspension and engine upgrades are just a few to name. We recommend discussing these options with us. Also we have a full section on our website about these.


The car is fully road tested and inspected to iron out any bugs, and delivered with a full 12 month warranty.


Please note that the price of £1,500,000 excludes VAT. A deposit of £485,000 is payable on confirmation of order. The remaining balance is payable in stage payments plus VAT if applicable. This price includes the donor vehicle.

Please contact a member of our sales team to discuss your personal requirements or for any further information regarding the commissioning of an Aston Workshop Zagato re-creation.
+44 (0) 1207 268 932