DB2, DB2/4
Fast Road Upgrades

The general areas of improvement to balance the performance of a fast road engine are to keep brake pedal pressures modest, fit harder more heat tolerant brake linings and to also offer the alternative of fitting front disc brakes and servo.

The combination ensures that brakes are more progressive in use and can be stressed more highly before there is evidence of fade.

The upgrade options offered are therefore:

  • Option 1 Harder brake linings
  • Option 2 Harder brake linings with servo
  • Option 3 Front disc brake conversion with servo and harder rear linings
  • Option 4 As Option 1 plus Alfin drums
  • Option 5 As Option 2 plus Alfin drums
  • Option 6 As Option 3 plus Rear Alfin drums

(Inspection of full brake system will be undertaken prior to all modifications)