RHD to LHD (LHD to RHD also available)

We now routinely find that Aston Martins sold to overseas customers are being bought and converted to LHD and that contrary to popular belief, a premium is often achieved as a result. Indeed the value added to an Aston converted from RHD to LHD is as much, and often more, than the cost of the conversion.

However, to achieve these high returns, a conversion has to be completed to a standard that equals or exceeds factory specifications.

The quality of the conversion has to be flawless giving the precise appearance of an original LHD Aston Martin.

Over recent years, the demand for these LHD conversions has risen very substantially, particularly for the DB4, 5 and 6 and increasingly now, the V8 models. We manufacture and acquire all items necessary to undertake these conversions, including the hand-made dashboards.

As can be seen, the quality and original appearance is excellent and anyone contemplating a RHD to LHD conversion can rest assured that the conversion process is straightforward, taking no more than a few weeks to accomplish.

If a conversion is of interest to you, please contact our workshop manager: 01207 233 525.

PLEASE NOTE: All conversions are reversible