DB2, DB2/4, MK2 and MKIIl

Designed in the late 1940’s, the use of a double trailing arm front suspension with divided track rods for steering reflected a design concept that owes its origins to the racing Auto Unions of the 1930s. In combination with a cam and peg steering box, it provided a significant improvement in handling and ride comfort over the pre war use of a rigid beam front axle in combination with semi elliptical front springs used on the 1 ½ and 2 litre cars of the Vintage era.

General Characteristics
General Characteristics The DB2 gained a fine reputation for handling and roadholding and was among the first production cars on the British market to introduce independent front suspension as the 1940’s drew to a close. [more...]
Fast Road Suspension Upgrades
Fast Road Suspension Upgrades The aim of the fast road suspension kit is to improve general handling and to optimise the suspension for use with modern radial tyres. There are two options available... [more...]
Safety Upgrades
Safety Upgrades The very last of the DB2 series were built over 50 years ago. At this age, stressed components such as the front suspension spring towers and front and rear hubs have a tendency to fail. [more...]